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DRIPDROP Cup 180ml white

  • LT14071
  • DIMENSIONS: Ø8 x 10.6 x 6.7cm ; 180ml
  • MATERIALS: Porcelain

    Created with the concept “The extraordinary in the ordinary”, TOAST launches a new collection of pour over coffee items in 2018 autumn: DRIPDROP. The unique feature of this design is the clever use of circle and oval shapes in both glass and porcelain objects. With its amiable shape and colors, the collection can be matched with any space in different styles, and its individual character can also be showed with its aesthetics design.

    The glass coffee dripper contains special rib structure which can create smooth flow rate when brewing. Double wall glass avoids temperature loss and also can be hold easily. The color of DRIPDROP porcelain items uses earth colors which remind us the atmosphere of rural countryside. When drinking coffee with DRIPDROP cups, you can surprisingly see the shape of liquid turns from circle to oval. Two sized of trays are provided, which fulfill the requirement of different coffee scenarios.

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