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WEAVER Small Teapot Set copper

  • LT08301
  • DIMENSIONS: teapot: Ø9x9.5cm / 160ml , teacup: Ø8.7x9cm / 310ml
  • MATERIALS: soda-lime glass,18-8 stainless steel

    To make tea with small pot (or so-called “Gaibei”) is classical oriental tea culture. Designers re-interpret this traditional tea-making method with modern design perspective and material of glass. When making tea with WEAVER small tea pot set, firstly add tea leaves and small-quantity boiled water into the teapot, wait for seconds and use the copper infuser to pour the tea into the glass cup. Repeat the movement for another 4-5 times until the teacup is 80% full. The slow and elegant movement gives tea leaves more time and space to be extracted to its best flavor, which creates more gentle and balanced tea flavors. The geometric pattern on the surface of the glass shows the techniques of glass craftsmanship. It also shows splendid golden color of good tea when you’re using it.

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