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As 2021 comes to an end, Taiwan’s homeware design brand TOAST brings the most ideal car diffuser for those who love natural fragrances. STREAMLINE Car Diffuser features a retro-modern streamlined design, and uses classic elements of chrome plated stainless steel and vintage brass to create two metal shells of different colors. The slick and clean quality enables the product to perfectly blend into exquisite car interiors.   STREAMLINE uses a ceramic diffusing plate as the carrier of fragrances. Utilizing unglazed ceramic’s unique property of dense and larger pores, the diffusing plate can fully absorb essential oils for lasting fragrances. When using the diffuser, place it horizontally and add a few drops of essential oil; wait until the ceramic plate has fully absorbed the oil, and then clamp the diffuser onto the A/C vent grille. The fragrance of the natural essential oil can last up to several days. For those who do not drive a car, STREAMLINE can also be clamped onto an electric fan or A/C at home; whether inside a car or a house, everyone can enjoy soothing and relaxing natural fragrances in their private spaces. Each set of the diffuser comes with a high-quality metal shell, clamp, and ceramic plate. The design allows the ceramic plate to be replaced, so that you can always switch to another fragrance you prefer, allowing those who spend extended periods of time in their cars to enjoy relaxing natural scents. As if time had been reversed for us to revisit that refreshing wonderful age, we can breathe the natural scents from the woods outside the window, and drive on beautiful roads towards unseen sceneries, embarking on a journey of self-exploration.

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