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Easy to wash and no residual odor, the bento box of the new tableware aesthetics   Bento (boxed lunch) has always played an important role in the culinary culture of Taiwan, yet the design of bento boxes merits greater attention. As a local homeware design brand, TOAST’s greatest objective is to promote the aesthetics of homeware and instill happiness.   This has given rise to the RONDE Bento Box! RONDE gathers all the necessary functions of a bento box, but focuses on the aesthetics of dining. In addition to being a bento box, RONDE has been given more roles and scenarios of use, hoping to bring a new alternative for bento box other than glass containers.

  1. RONDEproducts
  2. RONDE/ Bento Box- Double (Sand Pink)

  3. RONDE/ Bento Box- Double (Smoky Black)

  4. RONDE/ Deepbowl-Blue Haze