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When we decide to have more relaxed and feel-good day, we sometimes think about making a hand drip coffee. The preparation may take more steps and time, but when a nice coffee is in your hand, you feel satisfied.   TOAST Living launches its new drip coffee collection H.A.N.D, including coffee dripper, carafe, kettle and mugs in 3 colors. Designed by HK design studio Milk Design, H.A.N.D is created for daily use. The copper wire dripper is the most remarkable feature of this design. The special structure holds the filter paper nicely and also presents beautiful copper tone when dripping.

  1. H.A.N.Dproducts
  2. H.A.N.D Coffee Carafe Set 300ml

  3. H.A.N.D Coffee Carafe Set 600ml

  4. H.A.N.D Coffee Dripper set

  5. H.A.N.D Coffee Dripper set - Black

  6. H.A.N.D Kettle 800ml copper

  7. H.A.N.D Kettle 800ml stainless steel

  8. H.A.N.D Kettle with thermometer 800ml

  9. H.A.N.D Mug 300ml lotus root purple

  10. H.A.N.D Mug 300ml midnight grey

  11. H.A.N.D Mug 300ml smoky blue

  12. H.A.N.D Pour Over Coffee Stand Set 600ml

  13. H.A.N.D Canister

  14. H.A.N.D Coffee Measuring Spoon