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H.A.N.D Kettle 800ml copper

  • LT08122
  • DIMENSIONS: 9.9 x 20.6 x 16.6 cm / 800 ml
  • MATERIALS: 18-8 stainless steel, beech
  • DESIGNER: Chi-Wing Lee
    The H.A.N.D copper kettle is designed for making drip coffee. With the 18-8 material coated with copper, the kettle is not only easy to maintain but also has beautiful copper glamour.The thin spout is not only elegant but also enables water to flow slowly and predictably throughout the kettle even with small amount of water. Holding up to 800 ml of water, it meets the needs of both beginners and professional baristas. The angle wooden handle creates warm and stable feeling. The quality metal finishing gives the kettle a delightful and eye-catching look.
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